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Swami Viokananda

Follow the idea. Make it your life. Think about it, dream about it, live with it, let your brain, muscles, nerves and all parts of your body be filled with that idea and let go of other ideas; This is the path to success.

The first is consultation, the second is decision and the third is choice


If you have made a mistake and you are disappointed now, you should know that in order to progress in life, you must learn from your mistakes. You need to find out why you made a mistake or fail and take corrective action. This is what successful people do.

Hard cases

If you are facing a new challenge or you have been asked to do something you have not done before, do not be afraid to stop. You have more power than you can imagine. You will never see this ability unless you create more demand for yourself.


Compensation for moral damage to satisfy the victim requires appropriate compensation methods, including the return of the victim to the previous state is the most complete form of compensation for moral damage, which in most cases is not possible.

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