Experienced web designer with over 15 years of expertise seeking to contribute to the growth of online businesses through website development.



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In designing a website, it is important to have a thorough understanding of design principles such as balance, contrast, harmony and hierarchy. These principles help make web pages visually appealing and balanced.

Adobe Photoshop and Corel DRAW

WordPress and Joomla

Aryanweb! | 2009 – 2023

  •  Designed and developed visually appealing websites for clients
    using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
  •  Collaborated with clients to understand their requirements and
    deliver customized solutions.
  •  Conducted thorough testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues
    before launch.
  •  I have designed several organizational websites, including IORA,
    Taxi Organization, Azad University, Mehrabad Airport, Chabahar
    Free Zone, Anzali Free Zone, Iran Strategic Management
    Society and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
  •  Worked closely with the marketing team to optimize website
    performance and improve conversion rates.

Freelance Web Designer | 2004 – 2009

  • Created custom website designs for various clients based on
    their specific needs and preferences.
  •  Translated client requirements into functional websites using
    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  •  Collaborated with clients throughout the design process to
    ensure satisfaction with the final product.
  •  Implemented SEO best practices to improve website visibility
    and search engine rankings.
Happy Clients
Projects Done
Awards Winning
Years Experience
  •  Associate’s Degree in Software, Azad University, 2023
  •  High School Diploma, Compouter, NezamMafi, 2004
  •  High School Diploma, Liberal Arts, Mofateh, 2003
  •  Technical and Vocational Training, Computer, 2003

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